Peter Fagan: A Closer Look at Coast and Shore curated by Vanessa Low

Date: 6-21 December 2014
The Hills Gallery at The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors, Little Bay NSW 2036.

About the exhibition: "Since moving to Little Bay in 2007, Peter Fagan has been passionate about discovering the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. This photographic exhibition captures the idiosyncratic details of Little Bay Beach and the Malabar Headland and Botany Bay National Parks that most of us miss - even when we go for a walk or a swim, or play a round of golf. Come and discover the natural beauty that is all around us - if only we had time to slow down and look."

Vanessa's role: Assisted the artist in selecting and printing photographs; edited  press releases; promoted exhibition; liaised with gallery owner; installed exhibition; liaised with buyers.