"Su-An Ng’s films are powerful in their refined style. But extensive  sketches, research, planning, and hands-on experimentation are all part of her artistic process. Working with a combination of animation techniques including digital, hand drawn, stop motion and 3D animation, Su-An’s films have a tactile characteristic that often surpasses their digital form; her films often reminiscent of storytelling and pencil-on-paper communication. Concept is always key to Su-An’s films which usually have a message or story at their core. Often, these are regarding nature. I see Su-An’s attitude as akin to that of the German Romantics – looking out into the vastness of the landsape and channeling an insight into a creative representation. I interviewed Su-An by the crashing waves at Bronte Beach, a place she often visits for peace of mind and inspiration."

Interview published on The Monday Issue by Vanessa Low. Su-An Ng was featured as the August Feature Artist (2014).


Photography & words by Vanessa Low