"Layers of pastel pinks, gummy yellows, liquorice black and gleaming white make up Marty Cordoba’s most recent work Skin and Strata. The sculptures appear as gooey mounds from afar but are in fact compressed structures of confectionary and toothpaste, pressured together like metamorphic rocks. The sculptures alert your senses; some glisten with sugar whilst others are dry and chalky, and if you lean in closely, you may get a whiff of that intoxicating candy smell. Gelled together, clumped up layer by layer, and spliced with precision, these obscured everyday objects question our values of permanence and materiality. I interviewed Marty at the end of his honours year at the UNSW Galleries, where his works were on display. "

Interview published on The Monday Issue by Vanessa Low. Marty Cordoba was featured as the December/January Feature Artist (2014/2015).


Photography & words by Vanessa Low