"Kieran Butler is an artist and fellow COFA honours student. Working within the field of post-photography, Kieran is currently investigating notions of vision by exploring the perception of colour.  Sculpture, installation, and video are also used in Kieran's practice to create works that question the nature of the photographic medium at large, and its authority as a true representation of materiality. From afar, Kieran's works appear as bright fields of colour, reminiscent of doodles or early computer graphics, however upon looking closer we can identify tensions between the physical objects and digital planes. Although Kieran is precise in his work, experimentation plays a key role in his process. I interviewed Kieran in his studio, where evidence of his multitudinous expeirments lined the walls, to talk about magenta, his artistic process, and maintaining that standout moustache."

Interview published on The Monday Issue by Vanessa Low. Kieran Butler was featured as the July Feature Artist (2014).


Photography & words by Vanessa Low