"Silk and wool are Bee Bowen‘s blank canvas, flowers and leaves her palette. Whilst having learnt various dyeing techniques in India and Japan, it is Bee’s use of local, Australian flora that create the distinctive patterns and colours of her textiles. The leaves and flowers picked by Bee leave detailed silhouettes and pigment when wrapped and boiled in silk or wool. Looking at her textiles, Bee is often able to tell the story behind the leaf that left its mark. Each of these imprints is unique, making each textile piece a narrative of place, season, and creative transformation.  I interviewed Bee about her uncommon practice in anticipation of her involvement in the upcoming Cultivate – New Artisans exhibition (4- 14th October, 2014)."

Interview published on The Monday Issue by Vanessa Low. Bee Bowen was featured as the September Feature Artist (2014).


Photography & words by Vanessa Low.